Ulysses Software

Excel Behaviour Reports


Use 11 pivot table reports to answer PBL questions of who, when, where, staff, category, strategy, motivation and subject

Create certificates

Assign positive tier rating (optional per semester), track per week student totals and use the integrated certificate builder

Customise your reporting outcomes

All reports are unlocked for your editing, plus we simplify applying your own colours for attendance ranges in all reports


  • Student Report Card : a detailed per student report with student photos and absence counts by day of the week over any 10 week period
  • Per week % Positive Chart : chart per week % of students positives, major and minors - compare with last year
  • Customise Tier Ratings : monitor student's accumulated totals and associated tier ratings for major, minor and positives
  • Dynamic Reporting with a 11 Pivot Tables to answer PBL questions, drill-down for details, use slicers to filter data, copy to new book to generate reports